What is a Virtual Fair?

An online web-based event that has a gathering of stalls for goods sale or promotes particular products & takes place over the internet on a virtual platform is known as a virtual fair. It enables people from different geographical locations to connect and network seamlessly and exchange information in a virtual space. Virtual fairs platforms facilitate organisations to set up a customisable virtual booth that compliments the brand image and enable the organisers to connect with business partners, clients, global delegates, customers, job seekers, freshers, college students, etc. Online fairs are a replication of on-ground fairs but offer many more perks than traditional physical fairs.

IP Based Streaming

Being a part of a virtual fair hosted on a virtual fairs platform proves beneficial for attendees as they get a chance to connect with top leading industries, organisations, sponsors, hiring managers, and recruiters remotely from the comfort of their own space. Apart from being beneficial for attendees, it gives better visibility and exposure to exhibitors and sponsors. They get a chance to showcase their offerings to a diverse set of audiences globally by organising or participating in virtual trade fairs. Whereas virtual career fairs or job fairs hosted on virtual career fair platforms enable hiring managers and recruiters to search out the best talent in the industry from around the globe. Online career fairs are beneficial for universities as it helps in building relationships with pivot industry professionals that select the fresh cream talent that matches specific job requirements.

Virtual fairs are categorised in various types, right from virtual career fairs, virtual job fairs, virtual employee benefits fairs, virtual onboarding fair to virtual trade fairs, virtual product launch fair, and much more.

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the percentage of online fairs has increased rapidly. Virtual fairs have become immensely popular in 2020 and are the only medium left to connect remotely due to mass distancing measures. With each passing day, the graph of virtual fairs is increasing exponentially, an online virtual fair service provider will help you to organise your online fair seamlessly.

Why choose Dreamcast for your Virtual Fairs?

Looking for a virtual fair platform solution to organise your online fairs? Dreamcast is a top leading virtual fairs platform that allows organisations, businesses, recruiters, hiring managers, exhibitors, universities, and so on to organise online fairs to connect with delegates globally. Right from hosting virtual career fairs, virtual job fairs, employee benefits fairs, onboarding fairs, virtual trade fairs, exhibition fairs and much more, Dreamcast serves all.

Dreamcast enables you to fully customise your virtual booths as per the requirements that match the brand value. Dreamcast virtual fair platform facilitates open interactions and free-flowing communication between experienced job seekers, freshers, recruiting managers, exhibitors, attendees, etc. from their remote locations via any device supported by the internet connection or any browser. The platform offers a live text, audio & video chat functionality that enables delegates to have 1:1 interactions with the host and get answers for their queries.

With the aim to deliver immersive and interactive event experiences, online virtual fairs have closely recreated the same look and feel of on-ground fairs. Dreamcast virtual event platform offers live audio/video chat functionality, ability to organise Q&A sessions, Live polls, surveys, etc that enables attendees to have free-flowing 1:1 or group interactions with the booth representatives and other attendees as well. The comprehensive platform offers engaging tools and features such as games like spin the wheel, quizzes, contests, twitter wall, social wall, photo booth etc. to keep the attendees engaged throughout the ongoing event.

Embrace the technology to benefit from the same. Organise any type of virtual fairs seamlessly with Dreamcast virtual fairs platform. We have enumerated the types of online fairs hosted on a virtual fairs platform. Have a look:

Different Type of Virtual Fairs

1. Virtual Fairs for Businesses & Companies

  • Virtual Career Fair

    Companies and businesses organise online career fairs and job fairs on a comprehensive virtual career fair platform to speed up their recruiting efforts. It helps in uplifting the recruitment process and connects with the leading top talents that best suit the job role requirements from around the world. Today, organising virtual career fairs or job fairs have become an integral and necessary part of the recruiting industry. It enables companies to reach and connect with qualified job seekers from varied geographic locations remotely. Dreamcast virtual career fair platform enables job seekers to get in touch with recruiters in real-time via live chat functionality. The platform offers live audio and video chat functionality other than normal text chats. It helps in delivering the same immersive experiences as face-to-face interviews and interactions.
  • Virtual Employee Benefits Fair

    Virtual employee benefits fair are organised by large-scale organisations that have their pan presence across the globe. Benefit fairs are organised with the help of virtual fairs software or virtual fair platforms. It helps in educating the company benefits to the company employees in real-time. An interactive online fair platform enables companies to empower with chat functionality and engaging tools. It helps in delivering and discussing employee benefit plans to the workforce remotely.
  • Virtual Onboarding Fairs

    With the impact of COVID-19, virtual hiring and virtual onboarding fairs are on the rise. Companies around the world are taking safety measures and are organising onboarding fairs as restrictions have been imposed on travelling and mass gathering. Large-scale companies that are widespread across the globe have included virtual hiring of new employees and onboarding on the agenda. The production cost involved in the physical onboarding of new hires gets completely cut off with virtual onboarding fairs. Additionally, an interactive virtual fair platform considerably reduces the cost involved in training new employees of the company. The platform enables companies to deliver training to new hires remotely via live audio/video chat functionality, presentations, webinars, and much more. What's more to it? The event is fully trackable and helps in recording every digital footprint of attendees that helps in measuring the performance metrics of the event.

2. Virtual Fairs for Organisations

  • Virtual Job Fairs

    Virtual job fairs work in the same format as traditional on-ground job fairs. It is one of the most efficient ways that brings top leading employers and qualified employees together in the same frame remotely from their respective locations. Virtual job fairs facilitate job seekers to connect with top leading employers in real-time and have a discussion regarding open positions, qualifications, and job roles that best suit them. The platform enables employers to customise virtual booths as per their brand image and connect with the top talents from around the globe and have free-flowing conversations or conduct interviews via interactive live chat functionality.
  • Virtual Education Fairs

    Universities organise virtual education fairs to connect with students residing in varied remote locations. Virtual education fairs hosted on an online platform enables universities to connect and interact with potential students remotely via live audio & video chat functionalities. It offers an opportunity for universities to showcase their culture and infrastructure to a diverse set of prospective students across the globe.

3. Virtual Fairs for Trade Show organisers

  • Virtual Trade Fairs

    Virtual trade fairs have become the first priority of exhibitors and sponsors. They are more willing to participate in the same as their brands get better exposure and their offerings reach a wide spectrum of audiences. An interactive and engaging virtual trade fair platform enables exhibitors and sponsors to customise their virtual booths and showcase their offerings to the wider set of audience globally. The platform enables attendees from around the world to have real-time interactions via live chat functionality with virtual booth representatives.
  • Virtual Product Launch Fair

    An online product launch fair is one of the best ways to keep the remote audience aware of the upcoming product releases. It helps in developing interest in the latest offerings. A virtual product launch fairs are organised on an interactive virtual fair platform that enables you to educate prospective customers about the latest product or service offerings. Additionally, the platform boosts communications via chats, polls, and more.

4. Virtual Fairs for universities

  • Virtual Campus Job Fairs

    Universities are organising virtual campus job fairs on a virtual fair platform to enable students to get in touch with the top leading employers remotely. Dreamcast is one of the top leading virtual fair service providers that enables universities to host virtual campus job fairs seamlessly. The platform allows students to connect and network with leading pivot employers via interactive chat functionality in real-time. Furthermore, the platform facilitates universities to uplift the placements and allow students to select the right career option remotely.
  • Virtual Open Day Fair

    Virtual open day fairs are organised by universities to tap the potential students residing in various locations around the globe. Virtual open day fairs are hosted on a virtual event platform that helps in educating prospective students about university admissions, culture, program, infrastructure, faculty, and more. The platform enables you to showcase your university culture and core values to amplify attendees. Additionally, the platform enables remote students to have free-flowing open communications with the faculty in real-time with enabled live chat features. Virtual open day fair hosted on an interactive virtual event platform delivers immersive experiences to students with custom booths, easy navigation, chat functionality, and engaging features.
  • Students Virtual Networking Fair

    Student's virtual networking fairs are organised by universities to connect with prospective students globally. Networking fairs hosted on a virtual event platform enable universities to connect students from around the world with university alumni. The platform enables them to interact and have conversations in real-time via live audio/video and keyboard chats. Furthermore, additional engaging features offered by the platform such as discussion forums, Q&a sessions, live polls, surveys, webinars, and more help in increasing engagements.


Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide streamlined services to our clients with end-to-end support and multi-camera production services, ensuring them hassle-free and unobstructed streaming experience.

What if I already have a production team?

That’s okay too. We can cohesively work with your existing unit or vendor and deliver the online webcast services while managing web works setup at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

Your event can be broadcasted on a platform of your choice, which can be your website, Facebook, Twitter or your YouTube Channel. We will create a channel if you don’t have one.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

By using our service, you can increase the impressions for your product launch and reach out to a wider audience. Inform your audience with the specifications and other details about the product with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is unavailable across all platforms. This is where Google Hangouts excels and has multi-platforms support. Another benefit is that setting up Live streaming or broadcasting on Google Hangouts is pretty easy.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers your events and presents the outreach of your campaign with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Live streaming can be watched on any device of a person’s choice, be it mobile, tablet or big plasma screen, all the content is available on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live-streaming of events is a step towards future, a definite improvement over age-old executions of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while being accessible to a large audience. Reaching out to people and maintain a database in a seamless manner.

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