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What is a Virtual Event?

An online event that allows people to interact in a virtual environment over the internet rather than gathering in a physical location is known as a virtual event. Any event you want to host be it trade shows, exhibitions, expos, talk shows, conference, meetings, AGM (annual general meeting), town hall meetings, job and career fairs, product launches, hybrid events, etc. Now all can be carried out virtually. Without any hassle of booking accommodation, travel as well as cancelling your on-going meeting & plans in order to be in some other city altogether. As now technology connects us all globally. Go virtual, and host or attend an event from the comfort of your own space by a simple click.

Virtual AGM

It is a convenient format for companies, associations, and organizations to come together under one roof virtually irrespective of geographical constraints.

Virtual Exhibitions

Our interactive and engaging virtual event solutions help organisers in delivering purely immersive virtual event experiences.

Virtual Tradeshows

Virtual Trade shows, expos or fairs hold a large number of advantages over physical events that inspired the people globally to leverage virtual event format.

Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences are the events that are hosted on an interactive digital virtual conference platform rather than a physical location.

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is an event that takes place in a physical environment, with a combination of an on-ground as well as digital audience as well as speakers also attending the event.

Virtual Fairs

Virtual Fairs enables people from different geographical locations to connect and network seamlessly and exchange information in a virtual space.

Why are virtual events the next big thing?

Today, Virtual events are a viable alternative for hosting any event. It has become the new normal for companies. It helps brands to connect with a wide spectrum of audiences globally through their interactive virtual engagement platforms without any geographical constraint. Virtual events have become an integral part of corporates to carry out recurring meetings as well as other events. A large number of marketers are relying on this ongoing trend as it is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to connect with the audience globally.

Virtual event platforms reduce the cost per lead and maximize ROI, thus resulting in increased conversion rates. High interactivity and user-friendly navigation, make virtual events a major hit. Virtual events come with varied merits. It can be 100% customised and flexible as per individual requirements. Now, speakers and presenters are free from managing their schedules and taking flights for a physical event as their physical presence is not required.

Hosting remote meetings, hybrid events, conferences as well as product launches right from the comfort zone becomes easy with virtual events. It helps in enhancing participation enormously as there are no scheduling constraints. Apart from it, virtual events have become a cost-effective measure for attendees. An excellent lead generating tool that helps in increasing the audience reach by overcoming all the geographical constraints. Gaining instant feedback in real-time via utilizing interactive features like Live polls, streaming content, games and Q&As is one of the major benefits of virtual events. Virtual events enable attendees to chat with other attendees and share their views and opinions, just like a physical event, but in a more convenient way.

Dreamcast: One-stop destination to host Virtual Events

Dreamcast is a one-stop solution to host virtual events and reach audiences worldwide. It is a leading virtual event solution company in India with 10+ years of expertise in the industry. With a close understanding of the functioning of virtual events, we as a company are serving many sectors by bringing you the best. We aim at amplifying the higher audience participation & engagement at reduced costs.


Why Choose Dreamcast?

A safe and secure virtual event platform that is easy to use and carry out recurring day to day meetings and conferences, AGMs & exhibitions in these uncertain times

Dreamcast has helped businesses to keep functioning as normal and stay connected. It comes with multiple advantages for a consumer to savour on.

Right from offering interactive spaces to amazing virtual lobbies to boosting audience engagement and offering immersive virtual experiences to audiences, Dreamcast serves everything to make your virtual event successful.

Dreamcast virtual event solution services offer customization, Seamless Networking Opportunities, Interactive Exhibitor Elements, Turn-Key Solutions, Quick Turn Around Time, Technology Consultation, Data Analysis and deliver an immersive experience to attendees.

Backed by 24x7 customer support, it is a one-stop solution that offers multiple advantages. Host virtual conference, AGM (annual general meeting), town hall meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, job and career fairs, talk shows, & company meetings smoothly with Dreamcast.



Seamless Networking

Offers seamless networking opportunities to attendees to interact with other attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, presenters and tech support in real-time and exchange personal or professional details.


Immersive Event Experience

Delivers an immersive event experience to attendees. One can walk through the lobby, visit different halls, attend multiple sessions the same as physical events with a convenient and time-saving measure.

Turn-Key Solutions

Interactive Exhibitor Elements

Induced with chatbots, live polls, gaming, Q & A sessions, customized design photo booths, social walls, etc. offering rich interactive tools to give an attendee the real feel of attending a physical event.


Flexible & Modular

Offers brilliant and 100% flexible design modules and features for any type of virtual event. It can be customized as per the needs and requirements of a particular event. Be it a Conference, AGM, Trade show, Expo, Job fairs, etc.

Flexible and Modular

Quick Turn-Around Time

Offer unlimited hosts & parallel sessions without any audience capping. It offers you with a single URL for your complete event starting from registrations to sessions & virtual booths to everything that can be customized.

Flexible and Modular

Technology Consultation

Deliver valuable insights with simple data that is easy to read and can be analyzed. It is also a key as it offers 100% clarity to the customer and simplifies the entire process as well as making it easy and safe to use.

Quick Turn Around Time


Experience personalized branding experience with Dreamcast virtual event platform, the same one would experience with a physical event venue. It offers Custom URL for the entire event, extensive sponsor branding, theme & colour depending upon your event brand for branding.

Flexible and Modular

Turn-Key Solution

A fully designed, built and installed, virtual event platform that is ready to operate by customers. It can be easily implemented into a current business process and can be customised as per your personal liking.

Apart from the above mentioned, we offer varied other features to deliver once in a lifetime experience for your attendees.

  • Virtual Tables fully Branded VIRTUAL TABLES FULLY BRANDED

    Customise your logos virtually to create virtual booths. Help sponsors, networking fairs, exhibitions or workshops.

  • Contact Detail Cards CONTACT DETAIL CARDS

    Build your network and exchange virtual cards with people you meet at the social lounge conference, AGM or exhibition.

  • Polls Polls

    Gather valuable feedback from attendees. organize quick polls & surveys to keep the audience engaged & gain valuable insights.

  • Chat Chat

    Enable you to have one on one public and private chats. Build with a focus on productive, safe & secure messaging.

  • Q&As Q&As

    Offers a dedicated window that enables the attendees to ask questions to the speakers and get answers.

And the list goes on. Dreamcast virtual event solution platform offers many more features to serve you with the best. The aim of Dreamcast is to connect people globally and present them with variable opportunities such as hosting remote meetings, conferencing, hybrid events, product launches by sitting at own space.

It has climbed up a ladder and has moved beyond geographical barriers. Dreamcast has made a place for itself in the virtual domain by hosting events like conferences, AGM, exhibitions & more for some of the top powers like Dell, Economic Times, ISB, FIFS to name a few, however, the list is only ever-growing.

If you have not yet planned to host a virtual event and reach the audience globally, now is the time to go virtual. Empower your brand and businesses and take your virtual event to the next level with the Dreamcast virtual event platform.

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