Live Music Streaming



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    Live streaming is a great opportunity for all types of events to increase their reach dramatically, and music concerts are no exception.

    Live streaming music concerts are not only accessible to a global audience live but also significantly boost ticket sales for future concerts as 67% of live stream viewers are more likely to buy a ticket after watching a live video of the event or a similar one.

    The internet has become the prime destination for consumption of entertainment and live streaming has taken over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope etc. Even if a concert isn’t being live streamed officially, often a lot of people will stream it themselves using their cell phones which results in less than optimal video quality and poor viewing experience for the audience.

    By partnering up with an experienced company that understands the nuances involved in live streaming, you ensure a high-quality uninterrupted live stream for your concerts and events.

    Why Live Stream Music Concerts?

    Increases Reach and Visibility of the Concert

    By live streaming concerts, organizers can increase the reach and visibility of the event exponentially. When the live concert is made accessible over the internet, it enables a huge audience to experience the event from anywhere in the world, and it is a great opportunity to connect with both new and loyal audiences all over the world.

    New Revenue Opportunities

    Music concerts webcasting opens up a lot of new additional revenue opportunities in terms of advertising and sponsorships. Live webcast concerts can be watched by a huge number of people and are a great advertising opportunity which leads to additional revenue for the organizers.

    Increases Engagement

    For most concerts and events live video streaming is a great way to increase the engagement with the audience. New tracks and songs can be showcased to a global audience now instead of just the people who made it to the concert. By utilizing the full power of live streaming, music concerts can actually become more engaging than usual.

    Great Content for Future Use

    There are many benefits of live streaming even after the stream is over. A lot of content is created during the stream, which can be repurposed and used for marketing, branding, social media and other purposes. Special moments from the stream can be collected and used to engage with audiences later.

    Live streaming is a great way to utilize FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in the audiences for music concerts as even though they don’t get to actually experience the concert, they still get to see what they are missing out which leads to them wanting to be there the next time.