What are Hybrid Events & why do you need it?

Today, Hybrid events are one of the most powerful event formats to organise any large-scale event with ample audiences. Hybrid events are organised at an on-site location paired with a virtual component. With a hybrid event format, attendees can attend an event either in-person or virtually from their remote location via any device or browser supported by the internet connection. It offers the luxury to have access to an event from the comfort of their own space or desk. A comprehensive hybrid event platform that offers engaging and interactive hybrid event solutions, that help in reaching a large spectrum of audiences globally. With the increased reach and attendance it boosts relationships with attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, organisers, speakers, residing in any corner of the world. No doubt, hybrid events are here to stay, and indefinitely the future of the next event era that how it will look. With the outbreak of unforecasted COVID-19 global pandemic, hybrid events became immensely popular. As restrictions have been imposed on travelling and public gatherings for health safety measures, the event industry came with the new solution and different types of events known as hybrid events. With its flexible approach, it overcomes the barriers such as geographical constraints and venue space limitations faced with traditional events, resulting in missing out the most important attendees.

IP Based Streaming

Hybrid events bring the best of both the events world together in the same frame. In essence, the best elements of virtual events and physical events are brought together with a hybrid event. A mix of physical events and virtual events are known as hybrid events. It is an on-site event that enables face-to-face interactions and interface-to-interface interactions as well. It offers the flexibility to attendees who live at a distance to have an access to the event virtually from wherever they are located. A hybrid event platform that offers interactive hybrid event services facilitates free-flowing conversations. It enables attendees to interact with other attendees, speakers, hosts, sponsors, exhibitors, organiser, representatives, and so on in real-time via live text, audio & video chat functionality. The engaging features offered by the platform such as the ability to organise Q&A sessions, live polls, surveys, games, and more keep attendees engaged throughout the event.

Many big brands are today leaning towards hybrid events to expand their reach and give more exposure to their latest offerings. They have set a benchmark and are counted as some of the best hybrid event examples. Hybrid events result in a reduction of expenses spent on travelling, accommodation, food & drinks, and so on. It even reduces the carbon footprint that shows a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, the wider reach, increased attendance, participation and engagements are some other perks of hybrid events that prove to be beneficial for both the parties, i.e. organisers and attendees. Adding more to the list, better lead generation, revenues, and improved ROI is expected from the hybrid events.

Why Select Dreamcast for Your Hybrid Events?

Dreamcast is one of the top leading hybrid virtual event platforms that offer interactive and engaging hybrid event solutions. The platform offers customisable & advanced hybrid event solutions that enable businesses and organisations to host their hybrid events seamlessly as per their requirements. The USP of Dreamcast is, it enables one to organise the event as per requirement with top-notch services for seamless delivery. The platform offers advanced hybrid event services and functionality that makes it easy to organise events like hybrid meetings, conferences, AGMs, or any other type of internal as well as external hybrid event. Attendees are free to attend the event in-person or virtually from remote locations via any device supported by an internet connection. The platform offers the complete details of the event, right from the collection of valuable data to the analytics report. It helps in analysing the performance metrics and the success of the event. What’s more to offer? Dreamcast has a team of professionals with years of expertise in their specific domains at your service 24*7. The platform is backed by the all-round customer and tech support for the seamless delivery of a hybrid event and deliver exciting & amazing experiences to attendees.

Attendees who live at a distance can not travel to attend an event on-site. A hybrid event hosted on a comprehensive hybrid virtual event platform offers the comfort to remote attendees by enabling them to access the event virtually from their respective locations at their comfort. However, with a hybrid event, your brand gets more exposure and reaches regional and international audiences at the same time. The interaction functionality and engagement capabilities offered by the platform allow attendees, speakers, hosts, exhibitors, sponsors, etc to have free-flowing one-on-one or group interactions in real-time via live text, audio, and video chats. The engaging features offered by the platform such as Q&A sessions, live polls, surveys, feedbacks keep the audience engaged with the event throughout. Leverage innovative hybrid event ideas and make your event stand apart and deliver seamless experiences to attendees.

If this as a reason is not enough for you to host hybrid events, we have listed some advantages of the same over physical or in-person events that you might not be aware of.

Advantages of Hybrid Events over Conventional Physical Events

1. Better exposure with incredible reach

With hybrid events, your event gets a better exposure as it taps ample audiences globally, thus resulting in better reach. It is one of the biggest advantages of hybrid events. Hybrid events hosted on an interactive and engaging hybrid event platform reach a diverse set of audiences who were never willing to be part of a physical event but now are engaged with virtual hybrid events. With a wider reach and better brand exposure, hybrid events result in having an increase in the number of attendees & maximising results.

2. Brilliant engagement features to keep the audience engaged

Hybrid events hosted on a comprehensive hybrid event platform that offers engaging solutions and features such as live polls & surveys, quizzes, Q&A, contests keep attendees engaged with the event, and deliver value to them along with seamless and immersive event experiences.

3. Save on expenses

In-person events involve a lot of costs starting from traveling, accommodation, renting a larger capacity venue, and so on. The hybrid events overcome all considerably. With hybrid events, attendees are divided into two segments: in-person attendees present at the venue and virtual ones. Attendees who live at a distance can now attend an event remotely without having to pay for travel tickets. Whereas, space limitation challenges faced by organisers/hosts get resolved as attendees are split into two halves.

4. Better sponsorship opportunities

Hybrid events offer better sponsorship opportunities as compared to conventional in-person events. With its increased reach, industry sponsors and exhibitors are more willing to participate in the same, as hybrid events give them the opportunity to showcase their offerings to a wider audience. The hybrid event platform enables sponsors to create a customisable virtual booth set up and enables attendees to have free-flowing direct communications with booth representatives via interactive functionality such as live audio & video chats.

5. Track valuable event data and get complete analytics report

Hybrid event platforms track every digital step of the attendees and keep a record of it. Right from the registration till the event is over, every move of an attendee is tracked by the hybrid event platform. This is what we call attendee tracking. Where they went, how they navigated, whom they networked with, what they interacted, things they liked or added to their suitcase, shared and downloaded. Each and every move is tracked in the database of the platform that helps the organiser to analyse the success of the event, measure ROI, and to understand which part of the event needs improvement for upgrading future experiences. The platform offers the organisers with a detailed analytics report to measure performance and mark out areas that need improvement for the future events.

6. Improved ROI

The number of attendees who can attend a hybrid event can be limitless as it does not contain any constraint such as geographical barrier or space limitations. However, hybrid events are far more scalable than traditional physical events, thus generating better leads and improved ROI can be expected from the same.


Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide streamlined services to our clients with end-to-end support and multi-camera production services, ensuring them hassle-free and unobstructed streaming experience.

What if I already have a production team?

That’s okay too. We can cohesively work with your existing unit or vendor and deliver the online webcast services while managing web works setup at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

Your event can be broadcasted on a platform of your choice, which can be your website, Facebook, Twitter or your YouTube Channel. We will create a channel if you don’t have one.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

By using our service, you can increase the impressions for your product launch and reach out to a wider audience. Inform your audience with the specifications and other details about the product with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is unavailable across all platforms. This is where Google Hangouts excels and has multi-platforms support. Another benefit is that setting up Live streaming or broadcasting on Google Hangouts is pretty easy.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers your events and presents the outreach of your campaign with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Live streaming can be watched on any device of a person’s choice, be it mobile, tablet or big plasma screen, all the content is available on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live-streaming of events is a step towards future, a definite improvement over age-old executions of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while being accessible to a large audience. Reaching out to people and maintain a database in a seamless manner.

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