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    Everyday lives of people have improved greatly with the presence of the internet. It is an omniscient entity that has information and data relating to just about everything in the world. The world is connected through it and anything that is broadcast online has a viewership across the globe. With live streaming services rising to popularity, access to news, entertainment and information has become a lot easier for everyone. Webcasting has given not only businesses and education a definite advantage but has also been very useful for the government.

    It is a medium that facilitates the flow of communication from the government to the common man in a manner that is technologically evolved and efficient.

    Benefits of Government Event Live Streaming


    Increased Awareness

    With the help of broadcast government events, it has become easier for the citizens to be more aware and informed about the working of the government. This includes an understanding of government procedures, its actions and reasoning behind them along with all the other things the government needs to share with the public.


    Influence for Change

    Live stream government events work as a great way to influence and spread new ideas that inspire positive change in society. It is a tool often used by policymakers working in the government for their agendas as well.

    Trust Building

    By the virtue of being a LIVE medium of mass communication for the public across the nation, government events webcasting gains the trust of the people and later builds a connection that is beneficial for the partnership that a nation has with its citizens. It is a medium that is inclusive of all the people from all walks of life and is present in different areas in the country without prejudice.

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    Features of Government Event Webcasting

    • safety

      Security & Privacy

      We provide 100% privacy and complete security for all of your important live stream video content.

    • monetization


      We ensure a transparent process and great quality output video due to an easy monetization of your videos.

    • Multichannel Communication

      Unlimited Streaming

      Witness a seamless live stream without any interruptions in shareable content or restriction on broadcasting hours.

    • branding


      We provide you with branding through personalised links for the website landing page, custom logo on your live stream and social shoutouts for better viewer impressions.

    • multi-device

      Multi-Device Support

      Our live stream content is adaptable to many devices like smartphones, laptops, desktops, tabs, ipads etc.

    Dreamcast aims to positively contribute to communication and community building through webcasting and live streaming solutions that facilitate your goals. With HD quality video content, multi-camera setup and end-to-end client support, Dreamcast offers the best services and plans for you to choose from.