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Let your event create a buzz in the city and hit the charts of the top-rated event of the town. Live webcasting solutions offer an opportunity to reach your desired target audience globally across multiple social media platforms at a single point of time.

Businesses are inclining more towards webcasting solutions for better exposure. Whether you are streaming Live for a social event or producing a corporate event that will be streamed around the globe, selecting a perfect live streaming service is necessary for a successful online experience.

Live webcasting services in UAE make the possibilities endless and has extended the reach of business communications.

We at Dreamcast provide Live streaming services in full HD quality on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, periscope, etc. while ensuring other benefits when you stream your events live.

We aim to deliver the best webcasting service experience that is completely interactive and matches the bandwidth. We offer customized Live Webcasting solutions as per client needs. We have catered to various clients from different sectors starting from hospitals to MNCs & tech to companies & colleges.

We have extensive experience in offering private streaming for corporate events, conferences, music concerts, educational events, product launch & surgeries in all the major cities of UAE such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other city.

Plan your next event with Dreamcast live webcasting services to gain more stability and mark your presence worldwide.


Why should I use Dreamcast?

We provide streamlined services to our clients with end-to-end support and multi-camera production services, ensuring them hassle-free and unobstructed streaming experience.

What if I already have a production team?

That’s okay too. We can cohesively work with your existing unit or vendor and deliver the online webcast services while managing web works setup at our end.

Where will my event be broadcasted?

Your event can be broadcasted on a platform of your choice, which can be your website, Facebook, Twitter or your YouTube Channel. We will create a channel if you don’t have one.

How can I launch my product via Dreamcast?

By using our service, you can increase the impressions for your product launch and reach out to a wider audience. Inform your audience with the specifications and other details about the product with an interactive webcast.

Why Google Hangouts and not Skype?

Skype is unavailable across all platforms. This is where Google Hangouts excels and has multi-platforms support. Another benefit is that setting up Live streaming or broadcasting on Google Hangouts is pretty easy.

Will I get any help for analytics?

Yes. Dreamcast empowers your events and presents the outreach of your campaign with real-time graphical dashboards and extensive tools.

How can my audience view a live webcast?

Live streaming can be watched on any device of a person’s choice, be it mobile, tablet or big plasma screen, all the content is available on the go.

What are the benefits of live streaming?

Live-streaming of events is a step towards future, a definite improvement over age-old executions of an event. It will allow you to preserve your content for years while being accessible to a large audience. Reaching out to people and maintain a database in a seamless manner.

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