The Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021 2-DayVirtual summit

The Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021 was a 2-day virtual summit on workplace culture.

The summit was a gathering of business leaders who aim to foster a great workplace culture in their organizations. The summit took place virtually and was hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform. However, the event received an overwhelming response from attendees and was a massive hit.

Curated a 100% holistic and immersive ambiance for a seamless experience.

The virtual summit aims to form a community of business delegates dedicated to building an encouraging workplace culture. Furthermore, the summit offered networking opportunities for business leaders to connect with other delegates from various industries who have created high-performance great workplaces that motivated employees to give outshining performances. Dreamcast has curated a holistic virtual event platform with the lineup of the most exuberant and immersive features in line for Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021.

Along with Parallel Session streaming in breakout rooms simultaneously, the platform integrated a leaderboard, AR Photobooth, quiz after every session to keep attendees engaged and interested in the summit throughout. Additionally, push feedback forms after each session in the Auditorium enabled attendees to share their opinions freely.
The event received phenomenal virtual attendance thus making the summit a grand success.
Dreamcast is extremely proud to curate a perfect platform for the virtual summit and received appreciation and applause from global business leaders.

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