Route Mobile’s IPO Listing Ceremony with BSE Goes Hybrid

With the innovation of cutting-edge technology by tech enthusiasts, Route Mobile’s IPO Listing Ceremony with BSE goes hybrid. The event was successfully hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform and was a massive hit. .

This event comprises the key aspects from both physical as well as virtual events and achieved unbelievable success in a very short time span. Dreamcast has curated a perfect platform by amalgamating the most exuberant features to create a perfect hybrid environment.

The platform enabled the in-person as well as virtual attendees to thoroughly enjoy the event. However, the hybrid event witnessed ample participation from both the set of attendees, physical as well as virtual. The hybrid event experienced an extensive share of valuable knowledge between both attendees. Additionally, several virtual speakers were also part of the event who shared their valuable knowledge with attendees.

A few segment of attendees were present at an on-site location whereas a majority of the attendees were attending the event virtually through Dreamcast virtual hybrid event platform.

Proud to curate a perfect hybrid event platform for a Mobile IPO Listing Ceremony and to deliver seamless event experiences globally.

The event received immense appreciation and applause from attendees around the world. A hybrid event made it possible for the brand to gather positive reactions from the larger segment of attendees in no time. We offered the most eminent features to bridge the gap between virtual and in-person attendees. Undeniably, the hybrid event hosted on Dreamcast was admired by attendees globally thus contributing to event success.

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