All About Music 2020- Virtual Edition Dreamcast

Dreamcast recently launched a breathtaking virtual edition of 'All About Music 2020'. This was a spectacular three-day music event that had magnificent participation from more than 180+ speakers.

All about music was one of the most astonishing live streaming sessions that made all the music fanatics go head-over-heels. This event saw numerous prominent personalities such as Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, AR Rahman, Prasoon Joshi, Siddharth Roy Kapur and so many more.


Dreamcast organised an interactive live webcast that helped in hosting a breathtaking, immersive, interactive, and outstanding virtual event.

The presence of famous personas of music biz made the virtual event niche and phenomenal. One of the biggest virtual editions with 2000+ attendees made ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 the first virtual event that entered the gateway of digitalization. It has caused the evolution in the music industry & has received tremendous response from the attendees with appreciation and cheers. With all the applause and incredible response, add it to the list of a major hit!

The Virtual Live stream Powered by Dreamcast offered:

  • 01

    Parallel live streaming on multiple platforms facilitated ALL ABOUT MUSIC 2020 to reach a global audience with the utmost ease.

  • 02

    Numerous engagement features such as live chats, Q&A, Live polls, and more enabled a more holistic and immersive live stream that was appreciated by all the virtual participants.

  • 03

    Seamless interaction between the virtual audience and the speakers via live audio and video chats made the entire event a marvellous success.

  • 04

    The event platform was facilitated with numerous customisable aspects that helped in creating a personalised look that catered to everyone’s expectations such as showcases, masterclasses, conferences, and workshops.

All About Music 2020 Virtual Edition powered by Dreamcast was a massive hit.

Dreamcast was delighted to provide its platform with the most exuberant features to add an engaging twist to the event. These features helped curate a memorable event that was appreciated by applause and accolades from attendees!

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