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What Is Video Conferencing? – Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Video conferencing and virtual event solutions are a significant part of the corporate world today. The working environment in today’s world is moving towards a model where multiple offices and remote workers are becoming a prominent part of most corporates which creates the requirement of a fast, reliable, and flexible mode of communication like video conferencing.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what exactly video conferencing is and how live video conferencing services are being used in the corporate world and the various advantages and disadvantages of the technology in today’s world.


Video conferencing solutions provide a live, visual connection between two or more people who are usually located in separate locations. The purpose of live video conferencing services is essential to emulate face-to-face conversations over the internet. 

Depending on the live video conferencing vendors, the solution can range from very simple solutions to really complex and powerful solutions. The most basic solutions usually provide transmission of basic static images and audio over the internet. At its best, live video conferencing solutions are sophisticated systems that provide real-time communication using live HD video, high-quality audio, and tons of collaborative features.

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Live Conferencing vs Live Video Streaming

It is common for people to get confused between live conferencing vs live video streaming. While both of them involve live video, they’re actually two different use-cases of the live video technology. 

Live Video Conferencing

While social media live streaming is used to communicate with online audiences by brands all over the world, they use completely different systems for their internal video conferencing tools. The reason for this is that live video conferencing service providers focus on not just the live streaming video part but also the collaborative features which are essential for communication. The bitrate in live video streaming solutions is usually better than the bitrate of live video on the live video conferencing tools.


As you can image, there are a lot of advantages for corporates when they use the services of live video conferencing companies. Let’s take a look at some of the significant and prominent benefits of using video conferencing tools for communication and collaboration.

1. Saves time and resources –

For any businesses to run properly, it is important for efficient and effective communication to exists in the organization. In the earlier days, the only way different offices could communicate effectively was by having meetings together, which required the employees to travel a lot.

While conference calls were a possibility even in those days, it is not as effective as live video conferencing services these days. By providing a cheaper and more effective way of communication, video conferencing tools save a lot of time and resources for the company.

2. Increases productivity of the employees –

Live video conferencing companies and video conferencing service providers have made internal communication easier, faster, and more convenient than ever. Due to video conferencing tools, anyone or any team in the entire organization can communicate with any other team or employee. This instantaneous and effortless communication has effects that carry over into the productivity and performance of the employee.

By using the services of video conferencing companies, most businesses are not only improving their overall internal communication but are also increasing the productivity of each employee in the organization.

3. It has a lot of intangible benefits too –

Along with increasing the productivity of the organization in general, live conferencing tools also have a lot of intangible benefits for any organization such as a strong sense of community due to the personal face-to-face conversation instead of only hearing the voice of the person they’re communicating with.


As it the case with any technology, video conferencing also doesn’t come without a few caveats and disadvantages. Even though most people would correctly argue that when it comes to video conferencing solutions, the advantages weigh out the disadvantages but in order to have a well-developed outlook on anything, it is important to see both sides of the argument. 

Here are a few disadvantages that are typically faced by corporates when it comes to using the services of live video conferencing service providers.

1. It still lacks the personal touch of face-to-face communication –

While most conferencing solutions by live video conferencing vendors come really close to emulating the experience of personal face-to-face communication online, there’s still a small gap between the effectiveness of video conferencing and a face-to-face meeting.

Most corporates understand this and usually also have face-to-face meetings between teams on important issues. However, whereas these meetings used to be the primary method of inter-organization communication, video conferencing service providers have definitely reduced the frequency of these meetings in general.

2. Even the best systems can suffer from technical problems –

No technology is impenetrable to glitches and problems. While most live video conferencing vendors provide 24×7 support for any corporate system they install, glitches can still happen, which wastes a lot of time and resources for the company.

3. It has a high initial cost –

Setting up an enterprise-grade video conferencing solution is often an expensive task as most solutions require specialized hardware that also needs to be set up, often at multiple locations. Considering the quality of gear and the expertise needed to set up the entire system, it is natural that the process has a high initial cost. However, most corporates are more than willing to pay the costs as it is recovered within a pretty short time of operating.


Video conferencing is one of the best ways of communication for large organizations as they provide an instant and reliable method through which the entire organization can connect, communicate, and collaborate. Not only do video conferencing tools make communication efficient, more comfortable, and cheaper for the organization but they also provide a lot of intangible benefits such as increasing the productivity of the employees in the organization in general.

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