Webinar Marketing Guide: Promote Webinar With Unique Marketing Strategies

Marketing in any business plays a crucial role in any business’s success. Marketing helps in connecting the brand with the audience and making it possible to increase brand awareness. The right tactics of marketing lead to success and increased conversion rates. There are many marketing strategies and tools out of which today we are going to discuss webinar marketing. The webinar is not a new concept but over the past years, it has emerged as the trending, most impactful marketing tool of 2022. Incorporating webinar marketing can add key significance to your overall content strategy.

Here in this blog, we have concluded the top tactics of how to promote webinars and how to make webinar marketing plans that go rightly well with the marketing strategy of your business. So, let’s begin but before deep dive let’s first start with the basics;

Webinar Marketing: The Powerful Marketing Tool Of All Time

The webinar is similar to a physical session or seminar but in a virtual setting. It clearly aims to target the audience of your niche or industry to make them engaged and influenced to connect with your brand’s product and services. From a broader perspective, webinar marketing establishes a connection between the user and business in a way that brings their beliefs and trust positioned. As marketing is all about spreading awareness of new products and services as well as addressing the issues of the industry people.

With webinar marketing, you are able to offer many informative sessions on an array of topics and in various formats like thought leadership discussions, product demos, tutorials, training and workshops. Furthermore, a webinar is not a direct sales pitch but an alternative way of providing value to your attendees in the form of information and knowledge they are looking for. Moreover, that is the reason why professional webinar services offer lots of interactive features like Q&A sessions, polls, quizzes and other interactive elements. Now let’s understand and identify some of the most effective benefits of webinar marketing to your business.

Webinar Marketing Benefits

A webinar is a powerful tool for marketers all across the globe due to its effectiveness and these mentioned benefits will prove it.

Webinar Marketing Benefits

Webinar Attracts Potential Customers

The webinar is a video-based marketing tool, making it more engaging and persuasive at conveying the audience compared to other forms of promotions like articles and posters. Additionally, it brings the potential customer, how? To attend a webinar a user needs to register it. A usual webinar lasts for an hour and no one has the time to attend an hour session for timepass. This makes it a powerful way to identify between your targeted audience and commoners.

Webinar Establish An Credible Authority

The webinar is all about knowledge sharing and addressing any particular topic, making it possible for you to establish yourself as an authority. When you share knowledgeable insights and the issues people from your industry possess makes you create an impactful impression among them, also you can host the session with a subject matter expert.

Webinars Raise Brand Awareness

Undoubtedly marketing raises the brand and that is why you use it, right? Webinar marketing puts your brand into the spotlight. as with interactive elements of webinar platforms they are able to understand and learn more about your brand and if your business is something that is addressing their issue. Congrats you are going to get lots of appreciation and increased brand awareness.

Webinars Raise Brand Awareness

Webinar Gathers User Data

As discussed, webinar attracts potential customers and gathers user data too. As when they register themselves you get the necessary information about your customers which can be helpful for your marketing team to contact them regarding your services and products. Information like contact number, email as well as when they joined them might ask questions (which can be good to analyse the behaviour of users). Ultimately all this information and metrics that you gather during the webinar help in polishing your webinar marketing campaign.

Webinar Gathers User Data

Webinars Generate Leads

When someone is willing to join any session, the chances of converting them are higher. Research suggests that more than 30% of attendees out of the overall webinar registrants can be converted into leads. By showcasing their real-time product demos and tutorial and effectively interacting with them it is quite possible to convert them into sales.

Webinars Can Be Repurposed

Webinars don’t have any expiry date, which means they can be repurposed and shared on-demand. It is important in the webinar marketing strategy that webinars can be recorded and can be shared on social sites, Youtube or over your website and can be used to share with those who want it. After cuts and edits, it can be used as clips for multiple purposes and to promote your next webinar as well (after knowing so many benefits we are damn sure you will not stop after one webinar session only.

There are the top benefits of webinar marketing strategy to utilise for your business and now coming to our main segment. A guide to webinar marketing and how to promote webinars with unique marketing strategies.

Plan and Promote a Great Webinar With These Simple Steps

Every marketing campaign to strategy needs proper planning and implementation so in the webinar marketing too. How to make your webinar marketing plan worthwhile is critical for your brand’s overall growth and these simple steps are definitely on your way to help you. Read till the end to not miss any chance.

Plan and Promote a Great Webinar

Right Webinar Topic: The Initial Gateway

Everything needs research and while choosing the topic it should be well-researched and something unique yet targeting what your user is looking for. If a webinar topic is useful and attractive that catches everyone’s attention then it will lead to more people landing in your webinar session.

Your webinar topic should be Short, Concise, Unique, Urgent and Specific.

You can use your social media and run surveys, and polls and the “People also ask” section in Google can be checked to do research and know what people are looking for. By involving your sales team it can be easier to choose the topic as they used to be in regular contact with the targeted audience making it possible for them to know what people are looking for.

Note* Make sure to focus on one topic at a time and address the issues your audience is facing or make topics like how to do it or problem-solving for better engagements. As this type of topic is more popular.

Choose The Webinar Format

The topic helps you in choosing the format. Webinars usually have many formats like tutorials, product demos, interviews, panel discussions and others. So, in order to make your webinar look good and interactive choose the right format according to your topic. No matter which format you ended up choosing, include Q&As, polls, live chats and interactive features provided by professional webinar services. As they will help you to engage with your audience in a more direct way and offer an interactive session to your audience.

Select A Webinar Platform

It is the most important aspect of the overall webinar marketing strategy. Suppose you did a great marketing campaign and manage to come up with a huge audience. What if your webinar platform is not interactive or supports those numbers? Choose the webinar platform that helps you with your session and offers limitless features that you wanted to incorporate like;

  • End To End Customization
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Global Content Reach
  • Privacy And Security
  • Clap Sound
  • Hooting
  • Emoticons
  • Live Real-time Audience Interaction
  • Multi-Device Support
  • Ticker
  • Countdown
  • Real-Time Analytics

Decide The Right Time and Date

Time is important and the essence that goes for webinars. You know it better and about your audience so choose the time as per the geographical and the session time as well. Like in the morning a long-time webinar can be okay but not at night as they might have their favourite show to watch. Who knows. But choosing the date needs to be an important choice, do not spoil their holiday or conducting webinars at a festival can be devastating. Additionally, choose the date and timing two-three weeks ago to give your marketing team sufficient time to promote it well.

Create Appealing Webinar Content

The webinar is to offer useful content to the audience and showcase the valuable product and services of your company via appealing content. Making an impressive presentation, involving polls, quizzes, infographics or audiovisual material. All these can be useful in convincing the audience. With Dreamcast, you are able to include all these making your session interactive, uninterrupted and user-friendly content.

Now we are at the meat of our blog and going to talk about the focused promotional marketing strategy of the webinar.

Promote Your Webinar

Now after planning and understanding all these you have now had a great webinar in your pipeline. At least it will require three to four weeks for the promotions and registrations. Once you decide all the date, time, topic, format and. You need to make a registration page (this should be a properly designed and customised branded interface). Additionally, this page should contain what, why, who, and when your webinar is conducted and every other information that is useful for the audience to know. Let’s see all the ways to promote your webinar.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a professional approach for a webinar to promote. There are lots of companies that have data on the user including their email id. So sending a custom template and ads for your upcoming webinar is helpful. Research says 56% of registration comes from email marketing. Sending reminder emails like three weeks to go or one week to go (makes them conscious to register), Also add insightful content that what they are going to get with this webinar session.

Email Marketing for Webinar

Social Media and Paid Promotions

You must have a design team who can create banners and ads that can be posted on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Also, you can make the last webinar insightful clips to share over Youtube and social sites. To drive more organic content you can write SEO-optimised content which can drive traffic to your registration page. Furthermore, posting guest posts over other sites or paid promotions is also helpful to drive more conversion rates. Some other promotions things to involve in webinar marketing strategy;

Social Media and Paid Promotions
  • Make a blog post
  • Make pop-up ads
  • In your email signature, provide a link or banner to the signup page.
  • Promote your webinar on targeted websites
  • In guest blogs, mention your webinar

Sales Team

This is not a promotional way yet effective. Your sales team used to talk and communicate with targeted audiences daily, so they can invite customers to the webinar. With the right approach, your sales team literally makes it possible for the audience to come and register.

At The End Launch Your Webinar

Congrats you have promoted your webinar and now know all the important aspects of webinar marketing and how it is important to incorporate it into your marketing strategy.  Now it’s time for you to launch your webinar with a live webinar service provider who can give all the features that go well with the format and type of webinar you wanted to host while giving you end-to-end customisation like Dreamcast for you. If you are looking for a professional webinar platform which can help you with your overall webinar marketing strategy. Book your free demo with us today and get the best services.

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