Virtual events have become increasingly common due to the travel restrictions placed around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. A number of trade fairs and exhibitions will be hosted virtually in 2020. If you’re planning to be a part of one, you should prepare accordingly.

Being a part of virtual events or a virtual exhibition has its own challenges. In this blog, we break down some of the key success factors that you should pay attention to if you or your organization is planning to take part in an online event.

#1. Make sure the content you create for the virtual trade fair is digital-friendly.

Digital Content for Events

If you participate in trade fairs and exhibitions, you probably know the importance of creating content for attendees. However, the content you create for an online exhibition has to be optimized for the digital format.

What this means is that if you just provide a pdf version of your company’s brochure to attendees of an online trade fair or exhibition, it might not be enough. It is important to fully adapt to the digital medium and include things like links or videos in the content.

Additionally, the content copy that you use in a virtual exhibition or trade fair also needs to be optimized. For example, it is common for a lot of brochures to use a small font and have a lot of text but when it comes to digital media, it is better to use a larger font and write text assuming the attention span of the attendee would be shorter than what you expect from the attendee of a physical event.

Lastly, a virtual trade fair is meant to be an interactive process. It is better to add some elements of interactivity in your content to make it more engaging for the viewer.

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#2. Understand and use the virtual exhibition platform to your advantage.

Virtual Events

A modern virtual exhibition platform comes with many features that simulate the experience of real events in the virtual space.

It might be a good idea to understand how modern virtual events platforms work. For example, Dreamcast’s virtual event platform has so many features like virtual lobby, independent virtual booths, support for rich content, and more!

You want to make a solid impression at your first online exhibition or trade fair? The best way to do that is to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the features of virtual event platform.

The best way to do this would be to take a good solid look at the underlying platform that would be used for the online trade fair and then base your strategy for the event around its features and making the most out of it.

Virtual events like online trade fairs and exhibitions are still a pretty new development. The entire world is still learning about how to optimize their performance at these events. So, it’s a good idea to work on getting a full understanding of the entire concept and processes involved.

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#3. Independent virtual booths

Virtual Events and Fairs

Just like physical trade fairs and exhibitions, it’s likely that there will be a lot of companies at the event. Depending on the event, it might be possible to negotiate for an independent virtual booth just for your organization.

A lot of virtual trade fairs or exhibitions might have only one booth for all the companies of a particular industry or have a few different booths with each of them containing various companies and their content. However, some events will allow you to have a completely independent booth just for your brand.

Having your own booth is obviously better as you get the complete attention of the attendee. Other than just providing your content at the booth, you can also do a number of other things. You may include a live chat option with a representative, upload various video files, or even create a fully immersive online experience.

While you might have to pay more to get an independent virtual booth, it is well worth the cost as you get to make the best impression on the attendees and grab their attention to a larger degree and engage them better!

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