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Live Stream to Multiple Platforms: Multistreaming Services

Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, or Youtube live? Why limit yourself to just one? With multistreaming, you can go live on your favorite platforms at the same time. While live streaming helps you reach your target audience, multistreaming takes you further.

It can be hard to become a pro streamer and reach a wider audience, especially if you’re only going live on one platform. Many content creators have taken the plunge into multistreaming in order to reach as many viewers as possible. Different folks have different preferences for where they like to watch streams. That’s why live streaming on multiple platforms is so great — you can accommodate everyone. With the best multi-streaming platform, you only have to click “Go Live” once to stream everywhere.

What Is Multistreaming?

Multistreaming is also known as restreaming or simulcasting. It is an ability to broadcast your events on different platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram at the same time.  Streaming on multiple platforms can be done from just a single multistreaming platform. In simple words, you can consider multistreaming as “cloning” your stream and rebroadcasting it to various destinations at the same time without any loss of quality. Most organizations and brands utilize this streaming method because it allows them to reach a larger audience without extra effort.  You can maximize the chances of subscribers, views, and high ROI by streaming your event on various sites or social media platforms. 

What Is Multistreaming?

You can often control your broadcasts and manage your viewers from one dashboard with a multi platform streaming service, which is quite handy and saves time. Some streaming video platforms, like Dreamcast, let you set up each platform you wish to stream to from a single dashboard and provide multistreaming and video hosting options. Then, when you’re ready, just click to simultaneously live stream to all of your selected platforms. Even previously recorded footage can be streamed!

How To Live Stream To Multiple Destinations

There are two techniques to multi stream concurrently to several platforms. You may multistream use an encoder, or you can utilize a cloud-based service known as restreaming instead.

Multistreaming Using Encoders

You can utilize hardware-based encoders or software-based encoders for multistreaming. Cost and complexity are the two primary decision criteria when selecting an appropriate encoder. Because hardware encoders are seen as being more dependable and somewhat simpler to maintain, content creators typically choose hardware encoders over software encoders. Professionals often choose software encoders because they need add-ins and complex customizations.

Multistreaming hardware

Due to its intricacy, many consider this choice for tech-savvy individuals, but if you don’t mind a steep learning curve, you might still choose it. Furthermore, even though a hardware encoder is rather dependable since it can manage the processing load required to transmit to several channels, seamless simulcasting still necessitates a fast internet upload speed. Additionally, compared to software and web-based multistreaming options, hardware encoders are often more costly.

Utilizing a hardware encoder for multistreaming is preferable to using a computer and software. Each stream with hardware encoders needs to be individually configured using RTMP and stream key values from the CDN.

Multistreaming software

Software is yet another popular multistream alternative. This may be cost-effective, but it does require a reliable computer with a powerful CPU since utilizing the program to go live in many locations might be challenging on a low-end system. A fast internet upload speed is also required to avoid choppy video and audio. Some of the software encoders have preset encoding recommendations for various live video platforms. Therefore, all you need to do is copy and paste the CDN’s RTMP and stream key values into the software.

Cloud-Based Multistreaming

With no need to worry about bandwidth, processing power, or encoder settings, it is by far the most practical multistreaming alternative. You may live broadcast as easily as possible using cloud-based multistreaming. Instead of using the standard live-streaming platforms, you must provide your broadcast to the service provider. The process of multiplying and setting up each stream for each target platform before it is transmitted is then handled by the service provider.

Additionally, you get access to a number of competitive tools that let you communicate directly with your audience on any platform. Cloud-based solutions don’t need any hardware or extra bandwidth, in contrast to the other possibilities. A network of servers is used by cloud-based systems to deliver your live stream to multiple platforms.

Note:- In terms of CPU and bandwidth, the cloud handles everything. This implies that multistreaming does not require costly equipment, and you may be able to get by with a 4G connection while still being able to provide high-quality video on all of your channels.

Benefits of Multistreaming

Benefits of Multistreaming

Allow You To Reach A Wider Audience

Expanding your audience is one of multistreaming’s main advantages. Your viewership can grow if you livestream concurrently to several platforms using a live streaming platform. The more platforms you multistream to, the more options you’re generating to engage with people as not everyone has a Facebook account, or LinkedIn profile, or even understands what Twitch is. Additionally, the more you can broaden your audience on other platforms, the more brand recognition you’ll build on each. Brand loyalty may be directly impacted by brand recognition, which can help you expand your audience and keep people coming back for more information.

Save Your Time

We are all aware of how challenging internet brand development is. A lot goes into building a brand and growing it, from choosing the material to making live broadcasts, inviting guests, analyzing your videos’ important KPIs, and conceiving a plan that moves you closer to your company’s long-term goals. It makes sense to employ technologies that enable you to make the most of the little time you may have. With multistreaming, you can communicate with various audiences in real-time and create communities anywhere you want without spending time on different platforms, in addition to saving time on building audiences on other platforms.

Take Advantage Of Every Platform’s Benefits

Every social live video platform aids in establishing connections with various people and certain demographic groupings. A wonderful venue for addressing a widely varied audience is YouTube, for instance, which is a global video platform. Facebook is a social networking site that is excellent for connecting with local communities and was built for easy sharing, including live video. The ability to use each platform’s features without additional work is one of the key benefits of streaming on many platforms. For example, you can take benefit of Facebook and Youtube Live streaming services with a single platform.

Automatic Multi-Publishing

On social media networks, live video often immediately uploads and turns into VOD material. You would thus need to download the video from one platform and upload it to the other if you just broadcast to a single location and wanted the on-demand video content on other platforms. With a multistream, there is no need for it because sent streams instantly upload to VOD on their respective platforms.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

You may broadcast live on the platform that your audience chooses to use rather than attempting to direct your audience to a certain location. Reduce the obstacles your audience faces in accessing your content. With integrated chat for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, you can maintain engagement with your audience across platforms.

Meet Your Audience Where They Are

Diversify Your Income

Live streaming is more than just an “interaction” channel, despite what some people may say. One of the key benefits of using the best multi-streaming platform is that you may increase your revenue sources by simultaneously live broadcasting on several channels. On Twitch and YouTube, for instance, you can build membership tiers and monetize them. Simulcasting can also increase your chances of receiving sponsorship or more donations.


The increased flexibility that multistreaming offers is one of its main advantages. For instance, your audience may still watch you live on YouTube if you advertise your live streaming on Facebook and YouTube but for some reason, your live broadcast doesn’t stream on Facebook. By doing this, you may avoid losing trust and disappointing your audience, which can happen if you broadcast on one platform and decide to stop it for whatever reason. It’s not always about making money; many companies and brands want to interact with more people in order to raise their brand awareness, create communities, and assist as many people as possible with their content.

Whatever your motivations are for going live, multistreaming is the most economical option to reach the most audience. You have the chance to easily increase your audience with live streaming service providers like Dreamcast. Why are you holding out? Get in touch with us today to begin your multistreaming journey!

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