A convergence of the physical and virtual world has been gaining momentum around the globe. As we walked ahead of time, hybrid AGM is gaining immense popularity and it has been anticipated as the future of annual general meetings.

Hybrid AGM or a virtual AGM are hosted on the virtual AGM platform that allows you to reach shareholders residing in any corner of the world thus enhancing attendance and participation. AGM video conferencing allows you to have face-to-face interactions and deliver immersive experiences to attendees in real-time.

Traditional AGMs are held between the director of the company and the shareholders every year. The director presents the overall performance and strategies of the company. Various discussions about upcoming year goals and strategies take place. Due to geographical constraints, many interested shareholders miss to make it to in-person AGM meetings.

As we stepped into a gateway of digitalization, Virtual AGM came into existence and is used by many organizations. Virtual AGMs allow attendees to join the meeting online from the comfort of their own space and have discussions via interactive engagement tools.

Hybrid AGM and Meetings

Virtual AGMs

Hybrid AGM works on the combination of these two approaches: physical in-person meetings and virtual formats. It allows attendees to attend the meeting in-person and shareholders who are unable to make it can attend it online remotely irrespective of their geographical location. It enables a maximum number of attendees to be part of the meeting however resulting in increased participation and engagement. Read about the ways to improve shareholder engagement in virtual AGMs.

Hybrid meetings are a one-stop solution for bringing an online generation and old generation of shareholders under one roof virtually. The newer generation of millennials prefers joining the meeting online from the comfort of their own space. The older generation still believes in turning up at the meeting physically. Hybrid AGM offers endless possibilities for the organizers to leverage from. The basics of hosting a hybrid or virtual AGM remains the same.

Planning to host a virtual or hybrid AGM on the best virtual AGM platform? Engaging attendees remotely throughout the meeting with eAGM video conferencing is a must. In this article, we have shared a few considerations to host a successful hybrid AGM. Right from the notice of meeting to organizing Q&A sessions once the meeting gets over, we’ve got everything covered. We have covered all the key elements of your meetings to make your hybrid AGM run seamlessly without any glitch and constraint and deliver the same experiences as in-person meetings.

How to Host a Successful Hybrid or Virtual AGM?

Virtual Events

As the financial year comes to a close, a large number of companies around the world gear up for hosting annual general meetings. In AGMs, the overall performance of the company and strategies are being presented in front of shareholders.

Annual general meetings are one of the most important and mandatory events for any organization. To host a successful Hybrid AGM keeping certain considerations in mind is a must to get it right and achieve maximum results.

#1. Select the right Virtual AGM Platform

Selecting upon the venue both physical and virtual beforehand is a must. The best venues get booked early, so it becomes important to look into it and start planning it as soon as possible.

To attend in-person meeting members are traveling from different locations, selecting a physical location that is convenient and approachable is the right choice to go with. A location with transportation links and easy to reach and comes within your budget is a perfect fit for hosting annual general meetings. To host a hybrid AGM you need to select a venue in a digital environment too. Go with the best virtual AGM platform that is safe and secure and enables AGM video conferencing. Platform with advanced interactive tools such as audio/video/text chats for one-on-one interactions, options for organizing polls, surveys, and Q&A sessions engage the audience remotely while Live streaming your AGM.

#2. Inform about Annual General Meeting

Once you finalize the venue for your hybrid AGM, informing members about the meeting comes next. Send details to members via email to physical attendees. Hybrid meetings allow shareholders to join in remotely thus enabling them to join from anywhere. You need to send the username and the password along with the direct link to the members who are willing to join the meeting online, so they can join the meeting virtually at the right date and time.

#3. Check for Technical Glitches

Check the technical issues before the actual meeting. With time, annual general meetings have become technologically advanced. Lookout beforehand that the physical venue meets technological demands or not. Check whether it involves audio, video, live streaming, or any other technical requirements.

A strong internet connection with strong bandwidth during hosting a virtual meeting is required so that it can hold large audiences. Run a test to check for any technical glitches. To run a hybrid AGM, check the venue’s internet facility and if it is capable of supporting a livestream.

#4. Quick and Easy Set-Up

The setup for your virtual or hybrid AGM should be simple, easy, and convenient. It makes it easy for members to join in remotely and you get enough time to concentrate on reports shared during meetings rather than explaining the technical functionalities to remote attendees.

#5. Look for Investor Relations

Whether you hold experience in hosting annual general meetings and having discussions with shareholders or are dealing with shareholders for the very first time, working upon an investor relation strategy is a must. Getting a piece of expert advice and support is very useful. Take the help of the investor relations department or consultant to manage relations with shareholders residing around the globe.

With the rapid rise of the digital age, hybrid AGMs are likely to grow more in the coming times. If you have not yet thought about hosting a hybrid AGM, now is the time to get started and embrace the innovative ways to engage shareholders remotely.