Author : Gautam Seth

Live Streaming vs. Live Broadcasting

Today, we consider the world to be shrinking as we see the ease with which communication happens across the boundaries placed by huge distances, different ethnicities and various socio-economic statuses....

What are Hybrid Events? – Definition and Advantages

Today, hybrid events have taken over a major market share on how events are taking place worldwide.

Why Do I Need A Virtual Product Launch Event?

With the change in dynamics in 2020, in-person events have been transformed completely into a visually rich digital environment.

How to Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform?

2020 resulted in an upheaval of events all due to the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Virtual Trade Shows: 5 Benefits Of Virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows are an effective event for any industry that helps in boosting the market share of the industry.

10 Questions To Ask While Choosing Virtual Event Platform

As the world started to deal with the global pandemic, the virtual has become the new normal.

Types of Virtual Events

Virtual events came into existence ever since the evolution of web 2.0. But was only restricted to a specific set of attendees.

12 Must Have Key Features In A Virtual Event Platform

Hosting virtual events is the latest trend in 2020. Most event organizers were caught unprepared when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world.

A Brief Guide To Hybrid AGM

A convergence of the physical and virtual world has been gaining momentum around the globe. As we walked ahead of time, hybrid AGM is gaining immense popularity and it has...

Key Success Factors For Virtual Exhibitions Or Online Trade Fairs

Virtual events have become increasingly common due to the travel restrictions placed around the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. An exponential rise in virtual exhibitions and virtual trade fairs...

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